Different Types of Window Locks

Windows come equipped with many different kinds of locks. There is no stressing enough the importance of having high quality locks fitted on windows of homes and businesses. It is a shame that many home and business owners in Long Beach take great care to have high security locks installed in front doors but neglect to do the same for windows thus allowing burglars to easily gain access through inadequately locked windows. In this blog post we will describe in general the different types of window locks in use today and provide tips on how to lock your windows securely.

Good Window Locks Render Window Bars Unnecessary

Window bars are fitted with intent to prevent unauthorized entry through windows. Many home and business owners (in Long Beach as in most other places) believe that window bars are enough to ensure there is no possibility of burglars entering through window openings and so neglect to install high quality locks on the windows themselves. It is important to realize that window bars provide only a false feeling of security. Burglars use a wide variety of techniques to overcome window bars, many times a common car jack is enough to quietly create a wide enough gap between bars for the intruders to pass through. Once you realize that window bars do not truly provide the obstacle they supposedly do, the importance of good window locks becomes apparent. Only If a  window is fitted with a good lock, one that is as hard to pick or pry open as any high quality door lock, can you be sure that it is impenetrable. Thus, fitting windows with high quality locks makes window bars unnecessary. This is good news for anyone who does not like the look widow bars create. Another advantage of not having to fit windows with window bars is the money saved, since installing window bars is no cheap matter.

Window Locks Lock from Inside

The main difference between window locks and door locks is that doors are designed to be opened from both inside and outside, making keys necessary, while windows need only be locked and unlocked from inside, therefore keys are not needed. This difference between door locks and window locks makes it possible for manufacturers to create strong, hard to pick window locks that are nowhere near as expensive as door locks offering the same level of security. Basically, window locks use one of two locking mechanisms, there are latch window locks and ones that lock using a turn and lock mechanism. There is no saying which method is better, rather, whichever method is used it is important that both sides of the lock be made of sturdy materials (high quality, thick enough, stainless steel for instance). When considering what type of locks should be fitted on your windows it is important to remember that the best door locks will not give you protection so long as intruders can gain access through poorly locked windows.