How To Open A Safe

Keeping your belongings carefully protected is never a bad idea. Some go the route of getting high quality security locks, motion sensors, and security cameras all about their house, which is definitely a smart thing to do. Others, however, are even more cautious and will purchase a safe to place their most precious valuables into. Whether it’s important documents, money, heirlooms, or something else that you treasure, it’s a good idea to have added security there. However, sometimes it happens that the safe owner needs to gain access to the safe and has either forgotten the combination or lost the key. At that point, how does he get into the safe? That’s why you turn to a team of trained locksmith professionals here at Locksmith Long Beach to unlock the safe. Here’s what we’ll do when you come to us.


Our professional locksmiths are trained specifically in how to break into a safe without damaging it. That means that they’re all taught how to manipulate their way into a safe through various means. Drilling is one common way of working into a safe. Whether through the front, top, or side, our technician will use special equipment to carefully drill a tiny hole through the wall of the safe. Then he will insert tools such as a borescope or small wire cutter in through that hole to work with the locking mechanism and open the lock that way. It takes a familiarity with different kinds of safes, as some don’t allow front drilling and others will permanently lock if drilling is attempted.


Manipulating the lock is another common way we’ll attempt to open it. This is only for the most skilled of locksmiths, which we do have here at Locksmith Long Beach. Through touch or sound, they can actually open the lock simply by detecting vibrations or clicking sounds when the lock pins are in their correct places. Though it may take a stethoscope to detect the sound, this way is the best way to open a safe. If done correctly, the safe will be reopened without affecting it at all. However, it can take hours to be done correctly.

Forced Entry

Forcing your way into a safe is not a great idea, though sometimes it is necessary. As a last resort or if there is a time sensitive issue, prying or cutting your way into a safe can be done. However, it also should only be done by someone who knows safes well because he will know how to best force his way in.

Professional Help

Calling a professional for this is always the best idea. Only professionals know safe models well enough to know what kind of tactic is best for opening it. Having this service provided by a reliable and professional locksmith company is the safest and best way to access your safe without damaging it or damaging its contents.