Many office buildings, or residential buildings for that matter, necessitate different levels of access to different residents, tenants, or employees. However, there are some people who need to have access to greater parts of the building or even to the building in its entirety.

One of the greatest systems designed to provide a thorough solution for such needs is the master key system.

How does the master key system work?

The master key system is more often than not based on the tumbler key. In a regular tumbler lock, there’s just one key shape that can push back all of the pins and release the lock. However, in a lock used with the master key system, there are two such shapes. The first shape is the one of the key regularly used on that lock while the second shape is that of the master key. This way, a person using the master key can open numerous locks.

This means that while one person can hold a key that will only open a specific door, another person can hold a key that can open that same specific door, several other doors, or all of the doors in the entire building.

What are the advantages of a master key system?

Installing a master key system in your building holds several important advantages:

First, this system requires much less keys to be used. Instead of needing a different key for each door, one can carry a master key and use it to open every door in the building.

Second, the master key system allows for a greater level of security and control. By using this method you can restrict the access of certain people from parts of the building you don’t want them to wander into. On the other hand, you can grant greater access to others as you deem fit.

Third, the master key system offers building owners and operators greater convenience as it can be completely customized in accordance with their needs.

Master key system specialists in Long Beach, Orange County

 Be it an office building, a residential complex, a hospital, a government building, or any other sort of building, great levels of precision, accuracy, and professionalism are required to successfully and effectively install a master key system.

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