Transponder keys are essentially keys with a silicon chip in them, once inserted into the ignition switch this chip communicates with the transponder key system in your car and only if it provides the right code can the car’s engine be started. When such a key is lost replacing it involves programming the replacement key so that it too delivers the right message, such programming is far from simple and requires both the necessary equipment and extensive know-how. In the following paragraphs we will describe, in general, how this is done. It is not that we are withholding any “trade secrets” only that more in depth descriptions are complicated, technical and hard to understand by those lacking auto locksmith background.

A Little About Transponder Key Systems

Transponder key systems were introduced during the late 1990’s and use of them grew rapidly until today virtually every new car manufactured has one. The reason transponder keys became so popular is that they provide a simple, cost effective, almost full proof way of preventing vehicles being started by car thieves. In fact, car theft figures have dropped dramatically as use of transponder key systems became wide spread. Today cars stolen are usually vehicles the keys of which somehow fell into the wrong hands. A common misconception is that a transponder key must have a battery in it, this is not the case! The chip inside the transponder key is electromagnetically energized when inserted into the ignition switch, it requires only very little power in order to transmit the code programmed into it the short distance into the receiver in the ignition switch.

Lost a Transponder Car Key? Do Not Despair!

Replacing a transponder key is far more complicated than just mechanically copying of the pattern on the blade of the key (as is the case with replacing keys with no chips in them). Nevertheless, true professional auto locksmiths should be able to replace a transponder key for any make or model vehicle. It is important that you know – very rarely does the ignition switch itself be replaced! Once the correct pattern on the key blade is cut comes the time to program the chip inside the replacement key, a key chosen to fit the vehicle involved. Sometime car manufacturers provide original owners with the code which needs to be programmed into replacement keys, if this is not available the code can be retrieved either by research (based on the car’s chassis number) or through use of a computer like device which, when operated by a professional, communicates with the transponder key system and, through trial and error retrieves the right code. We sum this general description with a warning – so far as programming transponder keys is concerned it is extremely important that you have the job done by highly skilled, experienced auto locksmiths! Only such professionals will supply you with a replacement that is fully compatible with your vehicles transponder anti theft system, they will also be able to do it fairly quickly and for a low a fee as possible.