You and Your Safe – A Guide for a Healthy Relationship

safe locksThere are some possessions that make you feel a whole lot better when they’re securely locked in a safe. It can be in your own home, at your bank, or at a hotel during a lovely vacation. It does not matter where, as long as you know that your jewelry, money, or even important documents are safe, so you can sleep better at night. But even safes have a downside. Imagine that you are in need of your safe’s content but for some reason it won’t open up? Now what should you do?

First thing’s first – a few basic steps

  1. Don’t panic! The problem can usually be solved quite easily!
  2. Have you punched in the right combination? Sometimes people get confused about their codes or about the right order of the numbers.
  3. Make sure that you accurately perform the opening process as instructed in the safe’s manual. If your safe’s got a dial lock rather than a digital one, it is extremely important to perform it right as it can be the key to the solution.

I forgot the combination code, what can I do?

You can try to call the safe’s manufacturer costumer service line. They can sometimes help you out by telling you the safe’s combination code according to your safe’s serial number. That can be tricky though. You will have to prove that you are the safe’s legitimate owner. If you’ve registered as the owner when you bought the safe, you are in luck and you will get the code immediately. If not, you will have to provide a notarized letter proving your ownership, which can take some time and energy, but at least it can be a good solution.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Some problems and difficulties can be easily solved DIY style, but unlocking safes is usually not one of those situations, for a few reasons:

  1. An untrained person trying to open a safe on their own, can unfortunately do more harm than good. The mechanism of the lock can sustain damage which will make it much more difficult to fix later on.
  2. You can damage the content of the safe in the process which will be a most unfortunate side effect, considering the importance of the content.
  3. The safe can also be damaged in the process, perhaps beyond use. This will result in you having to spend more money on a new one.
  4. Asking the wrong person to unlock the safe can not only result in damaging the safe but also in losing your valuable content, if that person is less than trustworthy.

These are the reasons why there are some things better left to an honest and reliable professional who knows exactly what to do at any given scenario.

If you’ve tried and haven’t had any luck with unlocking safes, give us call and we will help you out!